LG feels smartphones with flexible displays will have 40% of market by 2018

Posted on Dec 5 2013 - 10:40am by lee


With the LG G Flex starting to get a release date overseas, the company is now projecting big things for smartphones with curved/flexible displays. LG believes that these smartphones will have 40% of the market by 2018. Their reasoning for believing so is in the appeal of curved displays because they form to your hands, providing a natural feel. And according to SlashGear, components for the handset are “a collaboration between cutting-edge production technologies from LG Display, LG Innotek, and LG Chem.” LG clearly believes in the future of smartphones with curved displays. Dr. Ramchan Woo says that “‘it took, like, three years [to develop G Flex], but now it would be much shorter.’”

LG’s big secret to these devices come from the battery. Dr. Woo says that there are no curved displays without the proper battery technology. Like the LG G2, the G Flex’s has a stacked design; however, the magic is in its unique folded design that can efficiently use space without being crowded. This gives the G Flex its 3500mAh battery. Another important thing for flexible displays is their durability. LG says that the G Flex can have pressure forcing it flat about 100 times before the structure is damaged. Not bad, right?

LG doesn’t stop with just the 2018 target. By 2015, they believe that 12% of the smartphone market will be taken by smartphones with curved displays. LG has given no information on the G Flex’s release date in the United States besides saying that they hope to have an announcement soon.

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